All-on-4: How strong will my new teeth be?

In today’s modern society, living with tooth loss is both a social challenge as well as a physical obstacle. It creates an enormous inconvenience that can dampen your outlook on life in immeasurable ways. Fortunately, the limitations of tooth loss can be resolved with a solution that looks great but has also been shown to perform with extraordinary success.

Dental implants have enabled us to recreate missing teeth that can bear the burden of eating, biting, and the other duties often reserved for natural teeth. Over the recent decades, you may have become aware of the growing use of implants for replacing individual teeth. What you may not have realized is that implants are also a highly favorable method of retaining a full denture.

The tremendous success of the All-on-4 procedure has shown us that a complete denture can be stabilized with a level of predictability that could never be achieved with denture glue. When your oral surgeon uses dental implants to design a permanent foundation for your denture, you’ll appreciate the immediate improvement in the strength and function of your artificial teeth.

It’s not enough just to have a set of teeth that look nice. What you deserve are teeth that allow you to enjoy a good meal, feel confident in public, and stay with you during your midnight snacks. The All-on-4 technique takes full advantage of the permanent nature of dental implants. Essentially, through the network of upper or lower implants, your dentures are secured to the jawbone instead of the tender and ever-changing gum tissue.

It’s this ability to tap into a more substantial foundation that enhances the power and quality of your teeth. As your own bone cells become infused with the post of the dental implant, shifting and mobility will be issues of the past. As long as you are able to maintain good general health, good oral hygiene, and routine dental care, you will find that you can depend on the strength of your teeth for a lifetime.

To learn more about the durability of the All-on-4 procedure, contact the office of Dr. Stephen Weisglass for a consultation today.

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