Benefits of Removable Overdentures

Today’s options for tooth replacement have reached new heights in terms of comfort, appearance, and quality. With the aid of newer, more natural-looking materials, and the widespread use of dental implants, dental patients have increased expectations for their smiles.

With the available research and access to state-of-the-art technologies, these are valid expectations. Consider the denture, for example. Historically, denture patients have struggled with comfort and function. It can be an ongoing challenge to achieve stability and comfort even with the use of denture adhesives and glues. Due to the bone loss that accompanies tooth loss, even the best dentures can begin to slip and click during eating and speaking.

Still, dentures have not become obsolete. With the assistance of dental implants, dentures can be stabilized for more efficient functionality. Your oral surgeon may recommend overdentures as a solution to your traditional denture woes. 

As a removable denture that snaps comfortably into place, an overdenture can completely transform your denture experience.

As a removable denture that snaps comfortably into place, an overdenture can completely transform your denture experience. Without the use of denture adhesives, an overdenture will remain securely in place as you eat, speak, and smile.

With only two dental implants placed into your upper or lower jaw, a complete denture can snap securely into place. As a removable solution, the denture can be taken out of the mouth for easy cleaning after meals. But, for the duration of the day, denture patients can enjoy the confidence of a strong and secure set of teeth.

Imagine the increase in confidence once you realize that your teeth will not betray you by clicking or sliding as you interact with others. There is also a significant amount of relief in knowing that you can choose your meals based on your preferences rather than being limited by what your dentures can chew. Eat what you want! Your implant-supported denture is up for the challenge!

The dental implants that anchor the denture to the jaw bone have also been proven to prevent bone loss. This ensures that the shape of your facial profile and the fit of your denture will remain unchanged over time.

The advantages of removable overdentures are exciting and refreshing. It is possible to have a full set of teeth that are strong enough to function like natural teeth.  Contact the office of Dr. Stephen Weisglass, serving Long Island and the surrounding areas, at 718-544-8787 to discuss the possibility of removable overdentures.