Can implants improve my appearance?

Most of us generally recognize the importance of tooth replacement. For proper functioning of the jaw joint, for chewing, and for a confident smile, tooth replacement can improve your life. At the very least, living with a missing tooth can be a major inconvenience. What many patients may not recognize is the importance of your tooth replacement choice.

There are many options for replacing your teeth, but only dental implants have been consistently proven to be the most esthetically pleasing. In other words, to replace the tooth and improve your appearance, dental implants are typically the choice solution.

As you explore dental implants in Brooklyn, your implant dentist will evaluate your smile and your facial profile, and then explain how dental implants may be right for you.

Although back teeth, or molar teeth, are not typically visible when you smile, replacing these teeth with dental implants can still have a significant impact on your appearance. Each tooth serves as a space holder, or placeholder to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting or drifting. When the molar teeth begin to shift, a chain reaction can occur throughout the mouth, eventually changing the way even the front teeth are positioned. The back teeth also serve as a framework or support for your cheeks and facial profile. Missing back teeth can often make the face appear sunken, adding years to your face.

Of course, no one wants to be without front teeth. Your smile is the first thing most people see even during the most casual greeting or conversation. Dental implants are the solution that looks most similar to your natural teeth. Your implant dentist will even prepare the gum tissue around the implant for a more natural and healthy result. By comparison, choosing a solution such as bridges and partials offers few options in terms of simulating a real tooth. These restorations are designed to hover above the gum line, creating the appearance of shadows and dark lines that are difficult to hide when you smile.

If you are undecided about the best method for replacing your missing tooth, schedule a consultation at our office to discuss dental implants today. You’ll find that they provide strength and beauty that are unmatched by other tooth replacement options.

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