Long-Term Results, Lasting Satisfaction

Dental implants provide innumerable advantages over outdated replacement teeth. The principal reason for the popularity of implants lies in their natural look and feel coupled with unsurpassed longevity and durability. Many patients voice their feelings about their new smiles in emotional terms, citing the life-changing effects they’ve experienced as a result of dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • The ability to eat the foods you love and to fully taste your food
  • An end to the bone loss that occurs when natural teeth are missing, which may result in a more youthful appearance because facial structures regain support and don’t “cave in”
  • Increased oral comfort because replacement teeth don’t rub the jawbone ridge
  • No need to use over-the-counter adhesive to secure your replacement teeth
  • Increased confidence in your appearance
  • Improved speech clarity
  • Retention of natural tooth structure (in the case of an implant-supported bridge)

The Cost of Dental Implants

The initial investment in dental implants is higher than the cost of non-implant-supported replacement teeth. Your return on investment, though, is higher, as well. Old-fashioned bridges, dentures, and partials offer a temporary method to replace missing teeth. Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime with proper care.

By way of illustration, consider the following example. A dental implant permanently placed in your jaw costs about the same as crown and bridgework, which typically lasts only 10 years. Aside from the fact that the natural teeth anchoring the bridge must be ground down and then built back up to maximize stability, thus destroying healthy tooth structure, a bridge must be replaced over and over again to retain a complete smile. You’ll pay for a bridge many times over, but an implant only once.

Another important factor to consider? Outmoded tooth replacement methods don’t stop the jawbone loss that occurs when the stimulation of natural chewing forces no longer exists. Dental implants stop jawbone loss for optimal oral health and replacement teeth that retain their comfortable fit over a lifetime.

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