Dental implants: A long-term permanent solution

implant dentist New Hyde ParkPatients with missing teeth have a number of tooth replacement options at their disposal, ranging from bridges to dentures. One device—the dental implant—outperforms the rest, though. An implant dentist can provide you with a permanent tooth replacement that is superior for a number of reasons.

If you’ve lost a natural tooth or teeth to decay or injury, dental implants offer the closest approximation of the real thing. The small titanium screw that is the base of the structure fuses with the jaw bone, structurally replacing the absent tooth’s root. This process makes the implant more stable and durable than other tooth replacement methods, which only replace the missing crown, or the visible portion of the tooth.

There are a variety of other reasons to visit our implant dentist serving New Hyde Park. Because dental implants are so similar to natural teeth, they can be maintained with routine brushing and flossing. Alternatively, it can be difficult to keep the gumline clean under a bridge, which also requires healthy enamel to be removed from neighboring teeth to accommodate the crowns that hold the bridge in place. As a result, the bacteria that cause gum disease can accumulate under a bridge, increasing the risk that other teeth will eventually be lost as well.

Dentures are an equally unappealing option for patients who must replace an entire arch of teeth that have fallen out or been extracted. Like crowns, dentures do not have an element that replaces the roots of the teeth. Therefore, the line of the jaw bone will change as it recedes, ultimately compromising the denture’s fit to the extent that it must be replaced. Implants can be used to anchor a denture, which is a better solution. The bone’s shape does not change with implants in place, so there’s no need to have the denture re-fitted every few years.

If you need to replace a missing tooth and you’re looking for a long-lasting device, consider dental implants. Visit Dr. Stephen Weisglass to see if you would qualify for this procedure.