Dental Implants: What are the advantages?

implant dentist BrooklynDental implants have been widely accepted as the best possible solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike fixed bridges and removable dentures, implants are imbedded into the bone like a natural tooth. This relationship prevents bone loss, which can be a problem with other replacement options.

Implants consist of titanium screw with a textured surface. Titanium is known to be highly compatible with the jaw bone, ensuring a powerful bond between the implant and the bone. Your implant dentist will use healing caps to protect the implant during 4-6 month period in which the implant fuses with the bone. Finally, an abutment, or post, is used to secure a permanent restoration such as a crown.

Once the final restoration is placed, the implant procedure is complete, and the patient can function as they would with a normal tooth. Implants can be utilized to replace missing teeth in a variety of circumstances. Single crowns, dental bridges, and even dentures and partials can be created in conjunction with the implant procedure.

A single implant and crown can replace a missing tooth and its root. An independent tooth can be produced using a single implant, with no impact on the adjacent teeth. This advantage is notable because the integrity and strength of otherwise healthy teeth are not compromised. Dental implants also create a more stable bite and reduce the risk for damage to the jaw joint.

When multiple teeth are missing, dental implants can be utilized to support a permanent bridge. The implant supported bridge restores chewing efficiency and does not have to be removed for proper hygiene.

When all of the teeth are missing, an implant-supported denture can be a welcome solution. Because the dental implants fuse directly to the jaw bone, an implant-supported denture tends to be extremely comfortable and stable. This allows you to bite and chew naturally, while eliminating the possibility of shifting and slipping.

No matter the reason for your tooth loss, Dr. Stephen Weisglass, an implant dentist serving Brooklyn, is your best resource. Call for an appointment today and take advantage of the best available option for restoring your smile.