Dental Implants: Will I need a sinus lift?

oral surgeon QueensWhen it comes to dental conditions and procedures, we are all different. The needs of one patient can be vastly different from the needs of another patient. Often times, one dental procedure can be used to address a number of concerns, though some modifications may be necessary to ensure the very best results.

An example of one such modification is the dental implant and the sinus lift. Although dental implants are the top choice for replacing missing teeth, there are some instances in which the patient may lack sufficient bone support for the treatment. Dr. Stephen Weisglass, your oral surgeon serving Queens, is experienced in identifying these patients and recommending the appropriate adjunctive treatment.

There is the possibility that dental implants which are planned to replace the upper teeth could extend into the sinus area. When your oral surgeon can predict this occurrence, a sinus lift may be recommended. Rather than invade the sinus cavity, your oral surgeon may elect to raise the floor of the sinus and fill the area with additional bone.

The success of the dental implant is directly linked to the availability of dense, healthy bone structure. The bone must be substantial enough to completely surround the implant post and dense enough to become fully integrated with the post.

Since the sinus cavity is essentially an opening in the skull, just above the roots of the upper teeth, the amount of available bone is naturally limited for some patients. In cases where an upper tooth must be removed in preparation for the dental implant, additional bone loss can sometimes occur. When this bone loss involves the bottom portion of the sinus, a lift may also be indicated.

In the event that your oral surgeon recommends a sinus lift, the procedure may be performed at the time that a natural tooth is extracted, followed by a healing period before the implant is placed. In other instances, the sinus lift and implant may be completed at the same time.

In order to determine if a sinus lift will be necessary in addition to your dental implant procedure, call the office of Dr. Weisglass at 718.544.8787 and schedule your consultation right away.

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