How much implant experience does the doctor have?

implant dentist Glen CoveThe success stories for the dental implant procedure have grown by leaps and bounds over the most recent decades. Patients are flashing smiles that they can depend on. They are eating and drinking without limitations. Implant patients are showing the world that tooth loss doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying life.

Behind the beautiful smiles and the lives transformed, there is a fascinating world of science and artistry that make it all possible. As you choose an implant dentist serving Glen Cove, think about how that dentist can best care for your particular needs.

An experienced implant dentist will not only consider your lifestyle and cosmetic concerns, but also your bite pattern and the condition of the neighboring teeth. If bone loss is a concern for you, bone grafting and contouring should be considered. If the tooth will be visible when you smile or laugh, will the esthetic details look natural? Is there enough gum tissue available to conceal the implant?

Implant dentists have completed a minimum of four years undergraduate study, four years of dental school, and advanced training in dental implant therapy. Clinical rotations and hospital residencies are valuable components to dental education. Many implant dentists also pursue advanced studies in related concentrations such as prosthodontics, oral surgery, and periodontics.

In addition to these studies, ongoing continuing education is critical. The science of implant dentistry is growing and changing every day. New implant materials and procedures are constantly introduced and techniques are improving tremendously. A well-rounded implant dentist is also a lifelong learner.

Your initial implant consultation is the perfect time to discuss your dentist’s qualifications and level of expertise. Ask about the dentist’s philosophy regarding tooth replacement. Ask about the available options for the implant shape and size. Will a bone graft be necessary? What type of imaging equipment is being used? How long is the healing period?

Even the most accomplished implant dentist understands that every single implant patient is unique and no two cases are alike. For patients, the best way to determine your implant dentist’s competency is by scheduling your consultation. Why not call the office of Dr. Stephen Weisglass at 718.544.8787 and plan your visit today?