Selecting a doctor to restore your smile is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Your smile is an important part of your overall appearance and self-image. It plays a vital role in health and wellbeing, too. So the stakes are high when it comes to choosing someone in which to place your trust. The doctor you select to improve your smile must exhibit a dedication to excellence and possess the skill and experience necessary to expertly administer the care you need and deserve.

A Lifelong Dream, A Lasting Passion

Dr. Stephen S. Weisglass embodies professionalism, integrity, and devotion to high ideals in the realm of patient care. You might say that Dr. Weisglass began his dental career when he was just 10 years old. It was at that young age that he realized his goal in life was to practice dentistry. That dream propelled Dr. Weisglass to great achievement, first by attending and graduating from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, followed by a residency at the Medical College of Virginia and board certification in the specialized field of periodontics. He began his private practice in his hometown of Forest Hills in 1984. Since that time, Dr. Weisglass has restored countless smiles utilizing finely honed skill, advanced knowledge of periodontics, and a lifelong commitment to education.

Why Choose a Periodontist?

Dr. Weisglass is a board certified periodontist. Following graduation from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the doctor completed several additional years of ADA-approved training at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University. His medical training focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease affecting the gums and jawbone, as well as dental implant placement and cosmetic surgical procedures. The doctor’s advanced knowledge in the field of periodontics makes him uniquely qualified to plan your implant dentistry treatment, provide precision surgical placement of the implants, and work with your general dentist to renew your smile.

Board certification is bestowed by the American Board of Periodontology to acknowledge significant achievement attained following completion of the field’s mandatory education requirements.

A Focus on What Sets Dr. Weisglass Apart

Education: Since graduating from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, completing advanced periodontal training at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University, and obtaining board certification in the specialty field of periodontology, Dr. Weisglass has remained current with leading-edge dentistry through postgraduate study, working with top-notch dentists in the New York area, and maintaining professional relationships with dentists around the world.

Experience: Over 25 years of experience speaks to the longevity of the doctor’s career and his dedication to continue to deliver the best of modern dentistry for his patients. During his career, Dr. Weisglass has expanded his knowledge through practical application, education, and working with other leading professionals.

Training: The doctor’s training and board certification place him in a small subset of professionals with the skill, education, and acumen to deliver specialized care.

Technology: Digital X-rays, computer-guided implant placement, and Piezosurgery for precision bone surgery are a few of the technological advancements you’ll find at the state-of-the-art Forest Hills office of Dr. Weisglass. The doctor uses SimPlant software for 3D viewing of bone, sinuses, nerves, and blood vessels. NobelGuide computer-guided implant placement software enables Dr. Weisglass to perform flap-less implant surgery for All-on-4 dental implants. For your comfort, Dr. Weisglass offers nitrous oxide and conscious sedation, which the doctor is certified to deliver.

Personalized Care: Each patient who visits our practice brings a unique set of circumstances, expectations, and concerns. Dr. Weisglass will customize your experience to make you feel comfortable and well cared for. He’ll educate you about your options and personalize a plan to restore your smile’s foundation through leading-edge implant dentistry. He resolves even the most complex cases with creativity, clinical excellence, and a focus on what’s best for each patient.

Team Approach: Dr. Weisglass has built relationships with a some of the most respected and skillful dentists in the city. Working with these talented doctors enables Dr. Weisglass to provide an extraordinary level of service and care. You’ll benefit from this multi-faceted approach and reap the rewards of a team of professionals pooling their knowledge and experience to deliver high-quality care.

Results: Experience plus skill equals reliable results. Dr. Weisglass always maintains a precision focus on what’s needed to resolve each patient’s case accurately, efficiently, and comfortably. He wants what’s best for you and will always go above and beyond to deliver the exemplary results that have cemented his reputation as a leading New York periodontist.

Delivering quality solutions for distinctive smiles since 1984. Contact the office of Dr. Stephen Weisglass today to schedule your implant dentistry consultation. Our Forest Hills practice serves Queens and surrounding areas.