Implant Dentistry: Restore your smile

Implant dentistry is about more than simply replacing missing teeth. It’s about using state of the art technology and dental expertise to restore your smile. Dental implants can improve your speech and add definition to the shape of your face. It’s also about rebuilding your confidence and improving your quality of life.

Sometimes tooth loss is unavoidable. Trauma and injury to the face or mouth can damage the teeth so severely that they cannot be saved. Gum disease, bone loss, and excessive decay can compromise the teeth to such a degree that they are considered non-restorable. Often, teeth can fail to develop properly as a result of certain congenital birth conditions.

A variety of circumstances can contribute to tooth loss, but dental implants have been proven to be a highly regarded tooth replacement option in virtually every case. Dental implants are well-accepted by the human body. The titanium post that is implanted into the jaw bone is designed to fuse rapidly and permanently with the bone, with little risk of rejection. Titanium has a low allergenic potential, and once fused with the bone, decreases future risk of bone loss in the area.

After a pre-determined healing period, the implant can be restored to replace single or multiple teeth, according to your individual needs.

Ultimately, by utilizing dental implants, our implant dentist can accomplish two critical goals: improved functionality and beautiful esthetics.  Functionally, replacing the missing tooth will improve your chewing capacity, prevent neighboring teeth from shifting, preserve the jaw bone, and reduce strain on the jaw joint. Esthetically, your smile can be completely rejuvenated. You can feel fully confident as you laugh and smile, with no concern about visible gaps and spaces between the teeth.

Compared to previous tooth replacements, dental implants have proven to be superior in terms of durability, stability, appearance, and comfort. When it comes to replacing teeth, our implant dentist will often recommend the option that can perform in the same capacity as the original tooth. As the patient, you may desire a solution that looks and feels natural. Make an appointment to talk about dental implants in Queens, and you’ll discover that it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

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