Multiple tooth replacement: What are my options?

Patients who have struggled with gum disease, toothaches, and tooth loss sometimes feel that life would be simpler if the teeth were just pulled and replaced with dentures. There was also a time in the not-to-distant past that the only solution for dental problems was extraction and eventually, dentures.

Many denture wearers can attest to the fact that dentures are in fact the beginning of the journey, rather than the end. An entirely new set of challenges arises as patients adjust to life with dentures. With time, dentures can begin to slip out of place during eating and speaking. Eventually, denture adhesives become ineffective in the quest to regain stability and confidence.

To combat this frustrating challenge, many patients are turning to dental implants in Queens NY to help anchor their dentures. By stabilizing the denture, dental implants can improve a patient’s chewing ability, speech, and confidence. Implants also help to reduce the amount of friction or irritation to the gum tissue, a frequent occurrence with traditional dentures.

Your implant dentist can help to develop a plan for treatment that will best suit your particular needs. Essentially, a series of specially designed dental implants can be placed in the upper or lower jaw to provide support for the denture. The placement of the implants requires a minimally invasive surgical procedure, typically performed in the dental office under local anesthesia.

As the implants heal and become fully integrated into the jaw bone, the denture can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit. When the gums have successfully healed around the implants, the denture will attach firmly to the implants. Each day, the denture can be removed for proper cleaning, and then replaced over the implants without the need for denture adhesives or pastes.

Life can be challenging with dentures. The embarrassment and frustration of an ill-fitting denture can be damaging to the self-esteem of many patients. The simple pleasure of wearing a denture that actually stays in place can be life-changing. Fortunately, the opportunity to stabilize the denture with dental implants can be a realistic option for most patients. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen Weisglass today to find out how implants can restore your confidence in dentures.

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