Periodontal disease: Am I still a candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants have completely transformed the way that the world views tooth replacement. Patients who may have felt limited by the available tooth replacement solutions in years past now have access to a stronger, more natural alternative.

With so many advantages, it is easy to understand why so many patients desire the dental implant solution. Still, this procedure is not to be taken lightly. It is a surgical procedure in which a number of variables must be considered in order to achieve the best result. The gum tissue and bone at the site of the proposed implant must be healthy enough to support the replacement tooth.

In situations where periodontal disease is a factor, Dr. Stephen Weisglass, your periodontist serving Long Island NY, can help. An experienced periodontist can evaluate your potential for success regarding dental implants and assist you in improving your health.

From a technical aspect, an adequate volume of bone must exist in order to support proper healing around the implant post. Frequently, due to periodontal disease, bone loss occurs which could limit the available support for the implant. Your periodontist may first recommend periodontal therapy to stop the advancement of periodontal disease, and then perform an additional procedure designed to restore the damaged bone.

Esthetics or cosmetics is another important aspect of the dental implant process. Patients who have been affected by periodontal disease may be concerned about receding gums or irregularly contoured bone structure. A natural-looking smile is just as important as a well-functioning smile. You can trust Dr. Weisglass to recommend procedures designed to improve the appearance of the gum tissue and underlying bone at the site of the proposed implant.

Periodontal disease is not a limiting factor for patients interested in dental implants. While it is important to address the signs and symptoms of the disease, your periodontist can help you to overcome the challenges it presents. Ultimately, you can enjoy a healthy and complete smile.

To learn more about the impact of periodontal disease on your dental implants, schedule your consultation with Dr. Weisglass today.

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