Piezosurgery Reduces Post-operative Discomfort

dental implants QueensChoosing dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth is typically the best choice, compared to all available options. Implants are designed to last a lifetime. They are safe for virtually all patients, they do not rely on neighboring teeth for support, they stop or reduce bone loss, and they look more like natural teeth than any other option.

While it may be simple to understand the long-term value of dental implants, it is common to have questions regarding the details of the procedure. How will the implant be placed into the bone? How will the implant look? Will there be discomfort after the procedure is complete? How long will it take to get used to the new tooth?

You oral surgeon understands these concerns and has taken the necessary steps to alleviate your worries. Using the best available advanced technology and the most appropriate anesthetics, the dental implant procedure is smooth and typically pain-free.

Piezosurgery enables your oral surgeon to perform the dental implant procedure in such a way as to protect the hard and soft tissue surrounding the implant site. More importantly for you, the patient, this surgical technique also significantly reduces the anticipated discomfort once the procedure has been completed.

Piezosurgery has essentially revolutionized the concept of bone surgery. Through the use of ultrasonic vibrations, the bone can be cut smoothly. The surrounding bone and gum tissue are minimally impacted, leading to faster and more comfortable healing.

This advanced surgical technique can be used as an adjunct to many of the procedures related to the placement of dental implants. Procedures such as bone grafts, sinus augmentation, the removal of tooth roots, and other procedures requiring the manipulation of the bone are all performed with the assistance of the Piezosurgery device.

Most patients are unaware of the particular instruments used during the implant procedure. Still, it can be comforting to know that your oral surgeon has selected equipment and techniques that perform at high levels. These choices improve the chances for successful dental implants and also improve your level of comfort once you have left the dental office.

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