Single tooth replacement options

dental implants Forest Hills Replacing a single missing tooth anywhere in the mouth is a decision that deserves serious consideration. Ideally, you will want to choose a permanent solution for long-lasting satisfaction. There is a temporary, less desirable option, such as the removable partial. But, in terms of replacing a single tooth, a partial is a rather bulky and unstable solution.

By eliminating the partial denture, and in comparison to a fixed bridge, it is easy to understand why so many patients are choosing dental implants in Forest Hills to replace a single missing tooth.

A fixed, or permanent, bridge can be a reasonable alternative although it is difficult to ignore its drawbacks. Dental bridges require the removal of a significant amount of tooth structure on at least two healthy teeth in order to replace the single missing tooth. Bridges also restrict the access of the toothbrush and floss for proper plaque control near the gumline. Food and plaque trapped under the bridge can only be accessed with the use of a special floss threader.

Dental implants, on the other hand are a far more conservative alternative. There is no required modification of any other healthy teeth. Also, patients can enjoy unobstructed brushing and flossing without the use of special floss threaders or brushes.

Your implant dentist will ensure that the implant is firmly integrated with the jaw bone, creating an incredibly strong foundation for chewing and biting. Anchoring the tooth directly to the bone is an aspect of tooth replacement that is unique only to the dental implant.

There are obviously various methods of tooth replacement, and no single method can be appropriate in all circumstances. Still, for many patients, dental implants are a tremendously practical, predictable, and conservative alternative.

Particularly for the replacement of a single tooth, implants offer the least amount of compromise to the neighboring teeth, require the least amount of restorative material, and provide the greatest level of stability.

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