tooth implant QueensThe dental implant is a tooth replacement concept that has elevated the standards for replacing missing teeth. Today, increasing numbers of patients are choosing a dental or tooth implant in Queens to replace one or more missing teeth.

The success and popularity of the dental implant has much to do with its natural design and structural integrity. Implants are designed to closely mimic the natural teeth both in appearance and function. Considered to be a more conservative solution than a bridge or a partial, a dental implant does not rely on the neighboring teeth for support. Instead, it is firmly bonded to the jawbone, capable of sustaining the forces of chewing or biting.

Most dental implants are comprised of three basic components:

Replacement root, or implant post. Similar to the root of a natural tooth, the main portion of the dental implant is securely anchored into the jaw bone. This high-grade titanium post is an ideal replacement for the root of the missing tooth. Once your oral surgeon places the implant post in the appropriate location, it will become integrated with the bone just like a permanent tooth.

Abutment, or connector for final restoration. After the appropriate healing period, a small abutment will be used to connect the implant post to the portion of the tooth that will be visible above the gumline. The necessary abutment will be selected by the oral surgeon and will not require any daily maintenance on the part of the dental patient.

Dental crown, bridge, or denture. For many patients, the most important portion of the dental implant is the portion that is above the gumline. Once the implant post has healed properly, it can be customized with a wide range of dental restorations. Porcelain crowns, dental bridges, and even custom dentures can be attached to the implant to complete your smile. Many of these restorations are designed to perform exactly like natural teeth in terms of eating and oral hygiene.

The ingenious structure of the dental implant is what helps to separate it from other tooth replacement choices. For the most natural tooth replacement solution, contact Dr. Stephen Weisglass, your oral surgeon serving Queens NY, to discuss dental implants today.