What are the benefits of replacing a missing tooth?

It can be hard to ignore a missing tooth. Just as it would be difficult to function without the individual fingers on our hands, each tooth has a specific purpose. And just as fingers on a hand can work together to accomplish important work, the teeth are also more efficient when all members are present. For this reason, patients who have chosen dental implants in Brooklyn can appreciate the value of proper tooth replacement.

To understand the benefits of replacing a missing tooth, it is important to understand what happens when a tooth is lost:

  • Uneven or decreased chewing function
  • Loss of support for the adjacent teeth
  • Insecure or less confident smiling
  • Bone loss at the site of the  missing tooth

By eliminating virtually all of the consequences of tooth loss, dental implants are the most effective and efficient tooth replacement solution available.

An implant dentist is the specialist who will perform a thorough clinical evaluation as well as placement of the implant. Using an extremely biocompatible, medical grade titanium post, your implant dentist will carefully integrate the implant into the jaw bone. The high quality titanium readily becomes bonded the bone, establishing a strong foundation for a crown, bridge, denture, or partial.

When the implant is completely healed, patients can enjoy normal, steady chewing with the replacement tooth. The implant also successfully maintains its permanent position, providing the necessary support for the neighboring teeth. This is the crucial relationship that prevents the shifting and drifting of the remaining teeth. By virtue of the implant’s integration with the jaw bone, bone resorption can be avoided. Just as a natural tooth root naturally holds the bone in place, the artificial root of the implant also preserves the bone.

Aside from the physiological and mechanical benefits, replacing a missing tooth can also replace lost self-confidence. Patients can laugh and smile freely, unrestrained by spaces or gaps between the teeth.

If you are missing one or more teeth, or at risk for tooth loss, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephen Weisglass to discover how tooth replacement can improve your dental health.

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