What is the healing time for my implants?

dental implants Great NeckThere is no mistaking the fact that dental implants are the premiere tooth replacement choice for millions of dentists and patients across much of the world. With so many advantages and so few risks, it’s easy to see why implants are the ideal solution for adults missing as few as one or as many as thirty-two teeth.

The implant procedure is a surgical process, however, and typically takes time and planning to achieve optimal success. For most patients, the process consists of multiple stages. As each stage is completed, a specified period of healing should be allowed before moving on to the next step. As you discuss dental implants in Great Neck, your implant dentist will determine the appropriate healing time for each stage.

Initially, your implant dentist may recommend placing the implant post and allowing 4-6 months of healing time. The implant is specially designed to promote healing with the bone. During this period, the implant will be covered with gum tissue for added security. Fortunately, much of the healing takes places below the surface. Outside of mild tenderness or soreness immediately following implant placement, the healing period will likely feel more like the waiting period.

When your implant dentist is confident that proper healing has taken place, the implant will be uncovered and a healing cap will be placed. Following this second stage, the healing cap will remain in place while the gum tissue heals and tightens around the implant. Again, your implant dentist will specify an appropriate healing time based on your particular case.

The most important key to the healing process is…you! Always follow your dentist’s instructions carefully and never hesitate to call with questions or concerns. Your physical health and nutrition will be just as important as your brushing and flossing habits. A healthy body will generally heal faster, and proper plaque control will help to prevent the spread of periodontal disease.

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