Why Choose a Periodontist for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be a lifelong tooth replacement solution when all goes according to plan. An important part of an implant’s success is due to the dentist who places it. When selecting an implant dentist in Queens, patients have a variety of options.

Practitioners in a variety of specialties can place dental implants, so it’s important to choose an implant dentist that is qualified to perform the procedure in your specific case.

Periodontists, who specialize in procedures and diseases involving the gum tissue, are well-trained in the placement of dental implants. Periodontists complete residency programs after graduating from dental school, and during that post-graduate training, periodontists learn how to place dental implants and gain experience in the craft.

Your dentist’s educational activities should continue even after the formal education is complete. Dentists are required to earn continuing education credits in order to maintain their practices, and your implant dentist should take this opportunity to stay updated on the latest technology and procedures. Inquire about the dentist’s recent experiences with CE courses on implant dentistry.

Patients should also consider the dentist’s experience and comfort levels when choosing an implant dentist. Ask about how many procedures the implant dentist has performed and how the dentist has handled complex cases. Dental implant placement should be routine to the implant dentist you ultimately select. Ideally, the implant dentist would have treated patients with cases similar to your own with good outcomes.

For dental implant patients who have advanced periodontal disease, implant placement by a periodontist offers other advantages. Periodontal disease must be controlled to avoid further bone loss that would endanger the implant.  The periodontist is qualified to treat any underlying problems and perform gum surgery, if necessary, prior to implant placement.

Additionally, a periodontist can collaborate with you and your general dentist to develop an oral hygiene plan that will protect your dental implants in the long-term.

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